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Fina BioSolutions offers bioconjugation services. We are noted for our expertise in conjugate vaccines and have extensive experience in the synthesis of conjugate vaccines, including proprietary methods. View Our Services


We offer a variety of polymer products including antibody dextran conjugates, Amino-Dextrans, Mono and multi-functionalized Dextrans and many unique polymers. With our expertise in conjugation chemistry we are able to synthesize high quality, well characterized products. View Our Products

Finabio Reagents

We provide reagents for vaccine research and development. Notably, FinaBio provides the carrier protein CRM197, EcoCRM™, the first recombinant, soluble CRM made in E. coli. We are also able to provide relevant polysaccharides and monoclonal antibodies. Read more

Conjugate Vaccines to Prevent Life-Threatening Diseases


Conjugate Vaccines

Protein Expression

Immunoassay Design and Antibody Production

Functionalized Dextran and Ficoll Products

Amino Dextran & Amino-Ficoll

Monofunctionalized Dextrans

Antibody Dextran Conjugates
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    Characterization of Fina Biosolutions’ Amino-Dextran
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About Us

Fina Biosolutions, LLC was founded in 2006 by Dr. Andrew Lees with an initial focus on helping emerging market vaccine manufacturers learn to make affordable conjugate vaccines. FinaBio has since grown to offer a variety of bioconjugation and protein services. The company is located in the heart of Maryland’s biotechnology corridor.