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Welcome to Fina Biosolutions. We are a research and development company dedicated to improving the lives of others. Protein and bioconjugation services are our business. Areas in which we provide laboratory and consulting services include:

  • Bioconjugation
  • Special expertise in protein polysaccharide conjugate vaccines
  • Protein and carbohydrate labeling
  • Protein expression and purification
  • LPS purification
  • Process development
  • Hybridomas, antibody purification and labeling

We are easy to work with and value our many strategic alliances. A wide range of additional services are available through our partnerships with other specialty biotech companies.

FinaBio’s subsidiary, FinaBio Reagents, sells products relating to vaccines and infectious disease reagents, such as proteins, polysaccharides and antibodies. The division also sells immunoreagents and a wide range of functionalized dextrans. Many of these products are a result of our expertise in the area of conjugate vaccines as well as our relationships with vaccine manufacturers.


Fina Biosolutions is named after “Fina the Cat”.   Fina, probably a Tiffanie Persian cat, was a gift from Dr. James Wilkins (Fair Access Medicines,

The award-winning photo is by Lizzy Lees (


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    Characterization of Fina Biosolutions’ Amino-Dextran
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9430 Key West Ave., Suite 200
Rockville, MD 20850
877-346-2246 (877-FinaBio)
301-633-0464 (Andrew Lees, Scientific Director)

About Us

Fina Biosolutions, LLC was founded in 2006 by Dr. Andrew Lees with an initial focus on helping emerging market vaccine manufacturers learn to make affordable conjugate vaccines. FinaBio has since grown to offer a variety of bioconjugation and protein services. The company is located in the heart of Maryland’s biotechnology corridor.