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Fluorescent Dextrans

Fluorescent dextrans have a wide variety of applications. The high water solubility, biocompatibility and range of functionalities make fluorescent dextrans ideal for many applications. They come in an array of molecular weights, fluorescent dyes, dye ratios and additional functional groups. Fluorescent dextrans from Fina Biosolutions use our well-characterized amino dextrans as their base. Our proprietary end-labeling chemistry allows us to synthesize unique multi-functionalized fluorescent dextrans.

We currently stock only a limited number of fluorescent dextrans but many more are in the pipeline. Please contact us for custom dextran reagents.


Bulk and custom quotes on request. For Pricing, please contact:
We provide our fluorescent dextrans as a lyophilized powder.

mono fluorescein-dextran — mFlu-dex(MW)

Product No. Volume Price Volume Price
mono fluorescein-dextran, 1.5 kDa mFlu-dex-0001.5 2 mg $100 25 mg $500
mono fluorescein-dextran, 3.5 kDa mFlu-dex-0003.5 2 mg $100 25 mg $500
mono fluorescein-dextran, 6 kDa mFlu-dex-0006 2 mg $100 25 mg $500
mono fluorescein-dextran, 10 kDa mFlu-dex-0010 2 mg $100 25 mg $500
mono fluorescein-dextran, 40 kDa mFlu-dex-0040 2 mg $100 25 mg $500
mono fluorescein-dextran, 70 kDa mFlu-dex-0070 2 mg $100 25 mg $500
mono fluorescein-dextran, 250 kDa mFlu-dex-0250 2 mg $100 25 mg $500
mono fluorescein-dextran, 500 kDa mFlu-dex-0500 2 mg $100 25 mg $500

Fluorescent Amino Dextrans

Product No. Volume Price
Tetramethylrhodamine Amdex TMR-Amdex70K 25 mg $200

Safety & Handling

Non-toxic. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Product may be discarded down drain. Personal protective equipment is advised as product will stain skin and clothing. Product is intended for research purposes only.


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