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Multi-functionalized Dextrans

We can provide multi-functionalized dextrans as custom products. These products are based on our proprietary chemistry for end-labeling dextrans.

The diagram below shows some of the types of multi-functionalized dextrans that we can synthesize.




As there are many combinations, most of our multi-functionalized dextrans are offered as custom products. Please inquire. We appreciate your suggestions for useful new products.

Mono functionalized- amino dextran
Examples: amino dextran containing a single carboxyl, thiol, biotin, squamate ester, click reagent, etc.

Mono functionalized carboxy dextran
Examples: carboxy dextran containing a single amino, thiol, biotin, squamate ester, click reagent, etc.

Di-functionalized dextrans containing exactly 1 functional groups on each end. The functional groups can be the same or different
Examples: Dextrans containing exactly 2 amines, carboxyls, etc.


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Fina Biosolutions, LLC was founded in 2006 by Dr. Andrew Lees with an initial focus on helping emerging market vaccine manufacturers learn to make affordable conjugate vaccines. FinaBio has since grown to offer a variety of bioconjugation and protein services. The company is located in the heart of Maryland’s biotechnology corridor.