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Specialty Immunoreagents

Fina Biosolutions’ Specialty Immunoreagents are a collection of reagents mainly of interest to immunologists. These reagents arose out of both our own research and requests from other scientists. Please let us know if there is a reagent you would like us to make.

TNP-Dextran and TNP-Ficoll are classic T-cell independent model antigens. Due to the wide available of TNP immunoreagents, they serve as useful models of natural T-cell independent antigens like polysaccharides. TNP-OVA and TNP-BSA serve as T-cell dependent model antigens with the trinitrophenyl epitope. The set of TNP reagents also allows for the selection of a suitable ELISA antigen.

Our phosphorylcholine (PC) conjugates are based on the method of Chesboro and Metzger utilizing p-diazonium phenylphosphorylcholine.

Biotin labeled heparin is used in the identification of heparin binding sites. Our heparin conjugation utilizes the terminal end of heparin polymer resulting in minimum modification of the heparin.


Bulk and custom quotes on request. For Pricing, please contact:
We provide our fluorescent dextrans as a lyophilized powder.

Trinitrophenol (TNP)

Product No. Volume Price Volume Price
TNP-Bovine Serum Albumin TNP-BSA-01 10 mg $75 100 mg $350
TNP-Ovalbumin TNP-OVA-01 10 mg $75 100 mg $350
TNP-Ficoll(400) TNP-Ficoll-01 10 mg $75 100 mg $350


TNP-Dextran(T2000) TNP-Dextran-01 10 mg $75 100 mg $350


Product No. Volume Price
PC-Bovine Serum Albumin PC-BSA-01 10 mg $200
PC-Ovalbumin PC-OVA-01 10 mg $200


pARS-Bovine Serum Albumin pARS-BSA-01 10 mg $200
pARS-Ovalbumin pARS-OVA-01 10 mg $200


Product No. Volume Price Volume Price
MonoBiotin-Heparin mBiotin-Hep-01 1 mg $100 10 mg $400
Heparin-BSA BSA-Hep-01 1 mg $125 10 mg $400
Mono amino Heparin mA-Hep-01 1 mg $100 10 mg $350

Safety & Handling

Non-toxic. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Product may be discarded down drain. Personal protective equipment is advised as product will stain skin and clothing. Product is intended for research purposes only.


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