We can provide multi-functionalized dextrans as custom products. These products are based on our proprietary chemistry for end-labeling dextrans.

As there are many combinations, most of our multi-functionalized dextrans are offered as custom products. Please inquire. We appreciate your suggestions for useful new products.

Mono functionalized- amino dextran
Examples: amino dextran containing a single carboxyl, thiol, biotin, squarate ester, click reagent, etc.

Mono functionalized carboxy dextran
Examples: carboxy dextran containing a single amino, thiol, biotin, squamate ester, click reagent, etc.

Di-functionalized dextrans containing exactly 1 functional groups on each end. The functional groups can be the same or different
Examples: Dextrans containing exactly 2 amines, carboxyls, etc

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Multi-Functionalized Dextrans

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