Conjugation Expertise

Fina Biosolutions, LLC mission is to help manufacture affordable conjugate vaccines for emerging markets. We are a global provider of conjugate vaccine laboratory and consulting services for the Biotech and Vaccine industry, with core expertise in conjugation chemistry, bioconjugation and conjugate vaccines.

Vaccine Carrier Proteins

Fina Biosolutions’ Molecular Biology Group has developed an engineered E. coli strain for producing carrier proteins.

  • CRM197 and rTTHc are available for preclinical use
  • cGMP products will be available in 2018

Functionalized Dextrans

Fina Biosolutions has applied its expertise in polysaccharide conjugation to the production and characterization of functionalized dextrans and related products.  Our products include:

  • amino and carboxy dextrans
  • fluorescent dextrans
  • unique mono and multi-functionalized dextrans.
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Characterization of
Fina Biosolutions’

Comparison with Other Commercially Available Amino Dextrans


Anti-Ig Dextran: Universal B Cell Activator


Characterization of EcoCRMTM
An E. coli Expressed CRM197



Economical Recombinant CRM197

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