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Pneumosil®, from Serum Institute of India achieves WHO prequalification

Pneumosil®, from Serum Institute of India achieves WHO prequalification. At $2 per dose, Pneumosil® will be 30% less expensive than the current GAVI price for pneumococcal vaccines. It will also lower the cost for non-GAVI low- and middle-income countries. Fina Biosolutions is proud to have worked with the Serum Institute to implement CDAP conjugation chemistry in this vaccine. The high efficiency of CDAP chemistry, developed by Andrew Lees, FinaBio’s scientific director, was one of the factors enabling the Serum Institute to manufacture the vaccine at low cost. A FinaBio mission has been to help make conjugate vaccines more affordable and our contribution to Pneumosil® marks a major milestone toward this goal. The Serum Institute of India has licensed additional chemistry from Fina Biosolutions for use in their meningococcal conjugate vaccine, now in phase 3. Pneumosil® joins Prevnar® (Pfizer) and Synflorix® (GSK) as the only WHO prequalified pneumococcal conjugate vaccines. Synflorix® also used CDAP chemistry. FinaBio is a leading provider of laboratory and consulting services in the field of conjugate vaccines, including chemistry and CRM197 carrier protein.

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