Amino Ficoll
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As a T-cell independent carrier (TI carrier), coupling Ficoll with haptens has been shown to produce robust antigen-specific primary immune memory1. Our method for amino functionalization yields stable primary amine groups. We carefully control the amine:polymer ratio and process to remove excess amine reagent. Custom Ficoll preparations are available upon request. GE Healthcare’s trademark Ficoll is a highly branched, 400kDa, hydrophilic polysaccharide widely used for blood separation.

1. Inman, JK, Thymus-independent antigens: The preparation of covalent, hapten-Ficoll conjugates. J Imm. 114:705, 1975.

Amines/Polymer Catalog # Size Price Size Price
100 Amines/400kDa Ficoll AFic-400×100 100 mg $125 500 mg $374
150 Amines/400kDa Ficoll AFic-400×150 100 mg $125 500 mg $374
300 Amines/400kDa Ficoll AFic-400×300 100 mg $125 500 mg $374
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